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Mirai: Research and Development Project for the Educational Environment

Mirai means future in Japanese. We see this future as one in which the school develops both in class and online, without limits. 未来

The benefits of the solution

Mobile solution

No matter if you streamline from the classroom, from the gym or from the schoolyard, the equipment is the adequate solution.

Board’s streaming

Those at home/online, can see the course board during the entire class

Interaction between students

Those in the classroom can listen to those at home / online and they can also see them.

Simultaneous teaching

The teacher teaches once, at the same time, for those in the classroom and for those online.

Fast integration

Mirai can integrate fast in the school, due to its design

Board’s filming

The filming angle is perpendicular on the school board, at a 180cm height

Classical teaching

The professor teaches the course in the classroom, as he is accustomed

Lesson’s recording

Mirai can help to record the lessons and use them subsequently in online

Technical features

Positioning in the classroom

Solution 1:

The positioning is made between the black/whiteboard and the school desks.

Solution 2:

The positioning is made in front of the teacher, for the case when it records an online lesson.

Where it can be used

Teaching exclusively online

It has the possibility of seeing the school black/whiteboard, constantly, at very high quality. The teacher is constantly heard at the same quality due to the lavalier microphone connected to the equipment.

Hybrid teaching: half of the class online, half of the class in the classroom

Both categories can be seen and heard reciprocally. The teacher will teach only once, at the same time for both groups.

Streamings from school events

Either it is about school festivity, contests, online meetings, theatre plays, scientific give-and-take… the equipment can be used successfully


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